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1 year ago today...for Mikey

An Angel Among Us

A year ago today you left our lives
And received your wings so you could fly
You come down before us and watch our every move
You whisper in our ears and tell us that you are here
The presence of your spirit so very near
Making us feel relieved and not full of fear
Your love and happiness has moved us to let go
To let you live in peace and harmony and
Fly freely upon us in a spiritual flow
A year ago today you left us with a few thoughts
That on any given day, you will always be the one
Pulling our strength together in every step and then
Making a shield with your wings to hover over and
protect us
From any sadness we may fear that may get in our way
Protecting us from what may
Then one day guide us through that special light and
Bring us to see you on that special day because
One year ago today, you became the Angel among Us
As we will be the same Angel as you some day


Our lives have changed in so many ways since you’ve been gone, but our memories of you still live on. I know you’re smiling down on every one of us, admiring the person who we’ve become. Without you having touched our lives in some way, we would not be who we are today. Our remembrance of you will always be strong, & ou...r loving & missing you will always go on. May you always Rest in Peace. I love you Mikey!

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