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I am deeply sorry for your loss and saddened to hear of Mike's death. I have nothing but fond memories of Mike and I will never forget the yellow rose corsage he gave me for our Junior Homecoming dance. I will miss his kind spirit and open smile, as I am sure society will as well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Becky Patterson Bibart

Mike and I took our drivers test together in my mom's Buick. He went first and being a model driver for the trooper he put on the emergency brake when they stopped. I went next and was so frustrated and couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't move (In front of the trooper). Mike's always been such a good guy and a giving person. He will always be remembered by many.I am glad I got to know him during his short time here. Jen McManus

Thanks for the opportunity to share some thoughts on Mike and to read the thoughts of others. The one incident I remember most clearly was the performace of Guys and Dolls when Liz Yauger almost knocked him out. We had breakaway bottles and he was supposed to be hit in the head. The bottle didn't break and I later received reports that he was a little staggered backstage. Needless to say, he finished the show. Another thing I remember about Mike is that he wasn't one to look for the easy way out of any situation. He did what needed to be done no matter how difficult the path would seem. His Accelerated English record is a pretty good example of that. He stuck through some tough times and actually did a pretty good job academically. Mike was the type of kid I could always count on, whether it was on stage as an actor, behind the scenes for the theatre work, or in class. He always had that little smile that said he was maybe having a little more fun than he was supposed to be having, but that was one of the things that made him who he was. Events subsequent to his passing are showing how much the community is missing his energy and his leadership. I can only imagine how much the Keystone people miss his work out there. I know my life is richer because I got to know and work with him. Multiply that richness by the number of lives he touched and you get some idea of the scope of the man. Paul J. Miller, director and teacher

I have always had such fond memories of you and your family and regret that I was unable to attend Mikes funeral. I can only smile when I think of him. "Little Italian Stallion" with a twinkle in his eye. Over the years he matured into a fine young man, one that I am sure you are very proud of. The only sense that I can make of such a tragedy is that his special personality, goals and accomplishments will inspire others to make a valuable contribution to the community as he did. He will be sadly missed. Love Margaret Valesky Anderson

I was shocked and saddened to learn of your son's passing. I hadn't seen Mike since high school graduation, but my father updated me regularly on the events of his life. I knew that he was a husband, a father and a valuable member of the community. I remember Mike as a kind and thoughful person, full of joy and life. I shared many classes and activities with him in school, and I'll always picture him on the tennis court or onstage laughing with a smile on his face. Sincerly, Christine Poolos

Went through the web site for Mike and found it very moving and filled with much love. Looking at the pictures brought back the wonderful smile and his eyes which were always so full of life and sunshine when he smiled. Mike was always eager to learn and to share what he had learned with others. His love of life was always apparent. He also had a great sense of humor which I always appreciated in my students because life cannot always be taken to seriously. Our lives and the lives of the students he worked with are the better for having known him and he is certainly a role model for all those young people to follow. I am sure that in heaven he is still watching out, looking over, and praying for all of us and that he would want everyone to be happy and to give of themselves as he so graciously did. Joan Duffy (Mike's fourth grade teacher}

What a joy to have in the classroom. What great respect he always had for all he touched. Sister Mary Gertrude (Mike's fifth grade teacher)

I dont know where to start. Mike was a very great friend of mine as well as a valued co-worker. I had the privilege of spending some truly quality moments with him. Late night card games and Bressy's house, Pirate baseball games, and who could ever forget the 14 straight years we spent together at trout camp. Oh the "good ole days"!!! The stories and memories i have! Oh yea, how about the week we spent in the bush in northern Canada just after his wedding! (thanks Marty) Yea, thats the trip when he spent the last 3 days in the camp with a hook buried deep in his finger. I am so thankful to have known such a great person. He taught me things about working with children that years of experience couldnt create. I miss you Iron. The "BOYS OF LEISURE" think of you often. I'll see ya someday and Thanks! "SKINMAN" (Dean Yake)

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