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SACSE's Sports Songs

Music to Play By

Now, you too can have neat music playing in the background of your sports pages. I have compiled a list of "sports" songs that could be used as background music on your homepages.

If you enjoyed my background music on my gifs pages, then this is for you. If there are any special songs that you might want, e-mail me and I will see if I can get them for you. I tried to get the "Caddyshack" song for you golfers, but every version I found did not sound like it should. If I ever find a version that really sounds like the song, I will add it. I also added some national anthems for those who might be interested in them.

In order to put these songs on your homepage, you must put this code in the BODY text of your homepage. The code is:
bgsound src=" is/NAMEOFSONG.mid"
You must put this code within HTML brackets. The correct midi name is listed below each song title below.

You can listen to each song to decide which one you might want to use by just clicking on the title. HAVE FUN!

Take me out to the ballgame

Centerfield (Put Me In Coach..)

(celebration. mid)

Chariots of Fire

Gonna Make You Sweat

Rocky Theme - Gonna Fly Now

Notre Dame fight song

Paradise by the dashboard lights

Play the game

Rollerball theme


Sweet Georgia Brown - Harlem Globetrotter's theme song


We are the champions

We will rock you

The HEY Song!

The Monday Night Football intro

Another One Bites The Dust

Are You Ready For This (Jock Jam)


German National Anthem

Canadian National Anthem

U.S. National Anthem

I have had a few requests for college fight songs and NFL team fight songs.
While researching them, I found a great site for anyone looking for college fight songs. I also found another site equally as great, that not only has most NFL team songs but also has the words that go along with them. I am listing a link to these sites below.
Read the FAQ's for the page and I think you can figure out how to get the songs to work on your page.

If you would like to put any of these midis on your website, you can use the transloader to download them to your own files if you want to.


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